What will those stories be?

It seems like recently I’ve been surrounded by images, friendships and notions of people growing old.  Ok, so I am now officially in the second half of my life and gotta’ admit that I’m a bit more cognizant of aging, but old really isn’t the right word. The people that I’m referring to are amazing as they don’t feel old even though their chronological dates infer differently. These octogenarians are contemporary in their thinking, routinely work out at the Y, have friends of all ages, races, religions and sexuality. I just attended a birthday party of an amazing and opinionated 85 year old woman hosted by her spry 93 year old husband. What continues to delight me is remembering the details that made this party so wonderfully unique. We were invited to the Chatterbox (the oldest Jazz bar in town) and had libations on a suprisingly warm Sunday afternoon in November while we laughed with new and old friends backed by a jazz violinist. The door was propped open so the soulful music floated onto the patio and up the Avenue encouraging those passing by to stop and listen. It seems like this celebration was more of a gift to us than it was to her.

I can only hope I have such a depth of friendships and outlook on life when I’m crossing those kinds of milestones. I bet it really starts now…

“Life is no brief candle for me. It is a splendid torch which I have to hold for a moment and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it over to future generations.” George Bernard Shaw

 Here’s to the next time and creating our stories… with intention.


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