My first week of carlessness….

Here’s the run down: 125 bike miles, 75 BlueIndy miles (3 trips), 35 miles via a shared ride with a friend, $30 in transportation expenses and a dropped pound or two – another good unintended consequence!

So it’s been pretty smooth so far even with a couple of snafus on day one of carlessness (is that a word btw?). I had signed up several weeks ago for BlueIndy with a start date of mid September. Once I made the decision to sell my car the sale happened very quickly, and I needed to use BlueIndy on the opening night of service. Well… after talking to a rep and finding that I couldn’t change the start date and that I had to physically go to the station, cancel the initial membership and sign up again, I must admit to some frustration. The staff at the station were very helpful and made some funny obscure references to French efficiency and helped me get started.

It was a blast! The cars are peppy and more than quiet. My daughter was a bit skeptical but intrigued… I returned the car and on the short walk home from the station, I noticed I had 5 “unknown” phone calls. When another call came through I picked up as it was apparent someone was trying to reach me, and I found a lovely French voice on the other side asking if I was still in the car. Well, we discovered that I had not returned the car properly, and I had to walk back and do the return process again in the right sequence. My goof – I failed to look at the directions. Duh…

Grocery shopping. I rode to the store with a list that reflected what I wanted, but knew I didn’t have room for any spontaneity in my side bags. When I loaded my backpack with a watermelon, bananas and nuts and then strapped it on, I realized that I needed to be slow and steady on the 2 mile ride home as a quick lean might take me over. Success – I made it home safe and sound!

Random – I find myself paying attention to each transportation expense whereas before I never thought twice about a $50 fill up. Interesting…

I’m pleasantly surprised at the ease of the first week. Friends are offering their cars when I need to go to that distant soccer game, someone shared a new grocery delivery service and my trepidation is subsiding. I’m claiming victory for week 1!


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