365 Days of Gratitude – Day 514

A leisurely walk…

For the neighborhood sounds of families sharing a meal, for a sputtering lawn mower, for that one final rooster crow, for the well cared for gardens and flowers as floppy and large as a wide brimmed hat!


We grew up on the same street, you and me. We went to the same schools, rode the same bus, had the same friends, and even shared spaghetti  with each other’s families.

And though our roots belong to the same tree, our branches have grown in different directions.

Our tree, now resembles a thousand other trees in a sea of a trillion other trees with parallel destinies and similar dreams.

You cannot envy the branch that grows bigger from the same seed, and you cannot blame it on the sun’s direction. 

But you still compare us, as if we’re still those two kids at the park slurping down slushies and eating ice cream.” Suzy Kassem

Here’s till tomorrow and loving my neighborhood….


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