365 Days of Gratitude – Day 549

My one year carless anniversary!

Some musings about giving up four wheels and going to two…  I’ve found I’m more conscious of the changing weather (especially last month) and check it every morning to see if I need to pack rain gear, and still I’ve gotten caught in summer pop up thunderstorms. And lucky me – I’ve learned that my heavy hybrid keeps me upright in what feels like monsoon winds, and if I just keep pedaling, the sideways rain will eventually end.

I’ve learned that you can walk into a meeting soaking wet and people will be OK with it and even offer their clothes. That kindness always makes me chuckle….

I’ve learned that I have awesome friends and neighbors who are willing to help me live my values and we are – together – creating the shared economy. They let me borrow a car when I need it and return it full of gas – a win for all!

I’ve learned to be more aggressive. I yell – a lot – at cars that don’t see me. I wave and catch the eye of the bus driver so that I don’t get passed. I’ve also learned that we need a much better transit system. If you miss a bus, a 30 minute wait is a problem when you’re trying to get to work.

I’ve become enamored with the changing sky – the clouds, the sunrise and sunsets. It never fails me. If I’m in a bad mood or have had a “day”, merely getting on my bike to ride home will melt away the stress.

I’ve gotten a kick out of how much more aware of every $10 I spend on Uber or Blue Indy whereas when I had my car I wouldn’t think twice about a $50 fill up. I wonder how to interpret the psychology behind that!

I found that I don’t use Blue Indy as often as I thought I would. Downtown is so accessible via my bike and bus, that I rarely use it. If the Blue Indy system expanded their reach….

The winter… is coming again. I rode as cold as 4 degrees and I must admit – it wasn’t a lot of fun. I only went down once last year and it was on black ice. I walked out the back porch and almost fell because everything was covered in ice and still got on my bike. The roads looked clear. duh.

Grocery shopping has been an adventure! I fill my panniers and back pack with groceries, and I think the record amount of stuff in my back pack included a watermelon, a five pound bag of potatoes and a bag of carrots. No sudden stops or turns… lol!

I am very grateful for protected bike lanes and trails and have learned which streets are calm and safe to ride.

I dream of the day when the Monon will be full of commuters charging to work…

And I look forward to waving a morning greeting to the guys that work at what I think is a pallet manufacturing company and the head nod to the other commuters that I recognize by their riding style!

Seriously, I have no regrets. I’m healthier, happier, have more money in my wallet and it feels good knowing that I’m doing my bit towards reducing  the carbon in the world. I hope more will join the growing pack…

bike comuters.jpg




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