365 Days of Gratitude – Day 752

So this was the exchange today during my piano lesson. I had just played a Brazilian song which was about as difficult as Mary Had a Little Lamb…

Teacher:  You aren’t playing music.

Me (in my head):  Sh#T

Me (out loud): I know. I’ve always been technically correct, and have known I wasn’t playing real music even back in that high school band room while plopped in the first chair.

Teacher:  You need to hear it.You need to play music.

Me:  I know, but I don’t know how to “hear” it or what that means.

He looked frustrated and then told me about a question he took after a lecture he had given at IU Bloomington from a student wondering about creativity in teaching music. In his heavy Portuguese accent, he explained the controversy swirling around teaching music in a written form vs from a hearing format.

I think I get it. I can write the notes. I can read the notes. I can bang on the keys. It’s not music – it’s all left brain.

I’m grateful for a teacher that is letting me be his guinea pig. I’m working on keeping my adult ego flexible… I hope he has patience.

guinea pig.jpg




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